Five Reasons To Get A Professional E-mail Address

When running a business, your most common form of communication will be through email. In this blog I’ll show you how easy it is to get email address and why your business will benefit from having one.

1. It shows professionalism and credibility

First impressions are really important in business. Having an email address at your domain name makes your business look more established and professional. Lets face it is way better than Your customers, suppliers and any other people that you communicate with will feel a lot more comfortable dealing with you.

2. It builds trust

Your customers will recognise your email address and can easily identify it with your business and website. This makes you more legitimate and will build trust with people looking for your contact details online. 

3. It increases brand recognition

A professional email address adds another identity to your business. Every email you send puts your brand in front of your customers, prospective customers and suppliers. Having a branded signature is a great way to increase your brand recognition.

4. You can separate your email addresses by department

Separating domains by department is particularly helpful for sorting your incoming emails. Even if you’re a sole trader, you could benefit from having different addresses such as and It will even make your business look bigger than it actually might be.

5. You have it for life

If you have an Internet provider-based addresses such as and you decide to change, your address will go away. With an email at your domain name, you have it for life.

How do I get one?

You can get your professional email address powered by Google in your Honcho account. In just a few simple steps your business will be looking more professional and established!

Shaun Meltzer