Head Honcho: Bella Gardner, Eye Couture

The brow artist and beauty queen of Byron shire, Bella Gardner, followed her instincts and immersed herself in the fashion and beauty industry, quickly becoming one of Australia’s best eyelash extension experts. What started as a square metre cubicle in a local beauty parlour, quickly turned into a cult following for one of the most coveted beauticians, with interstate trips booking out Bella Gardner Eye Couture months in advance.


Head Honcho: Client Liaison

Reclaiming and recontextualising Australia’s notoriously lowbrow, “cultural cringe”, Client Liaison have garnered a wealth of achievements, including the release of the highly anticipated new album Diplomatic Immunity and fashion label, Client Liaison Designer Line released November, this year. With an aptitude for combining words, ideas and music to deliver a cosmopolitan-political gesture, Client Liaison shares their tips for business success.

Head Honcho: Maria Kara, Essential Seven

What started off as a part-time job soon turned into a full-time business as Make-Up Artist Maria Kara swept away competition in the cosmetics industry with her “Essential Seven” brush kit. Focusing on a niche in the saturated beauty industry, Maria combined creativity with efficiency and before the age of 23, she released her own personal line of makeup brushes.

Head Honcho: Man of Many

Three years ago two housemates started a Men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. Three months ago they quit their jobs and began working full-time on the site. With now hundreds of thousands of readers and followers, how did something that began over banter and beers blow up so quickly? Co-founders of website Man of Many, Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur, explain to us how they became Head Honcho’s in the media sphere.