Why to shop with small businesses this holiday season!


With the holiday season fast approaching we're sure you’ve spent a moment or two thinking of presents to purchase for loved ones or even started looking for that one relative who is impossible to buy for. Even if you haven’t started, look no further! We’ll show you why skipping the crowds and supporting independent and small businesses is the way to go this year!



They’re unique

Don’t succumb to buying Dad the same socks or that mediocre novel that he received last year. Find an individual, handcrafted gift that often preserves traditional production methods and is sourced ethically! 62% of customers said their local shopping village and small business add to the charm of their area**. Large department stores may win on price and quantity, but small businesses are the clear winners in diversity and uniqueness.



96% of all Australia’s businesses are small businesses, employing over 4.5 million people and producing over $330 billion of Australia’s economic output per year***. Small businesses are not only generating local jobs and money but are empowering others to take the same leap of faith.

When shopping in small communities the majority of return stays within the same community and assists with local development. Small businesses return three times as much money per dollar back to the community compared with larger counterparts. Meaning, for every dollar that is spent with a small business, 42 cents immediately flows back into the community**.  



Small business ensures the livelihood of communities. 59% of owners said the pull of serving the community was a major reason why they set up their business in the first place, with 79% defining the success of their business as whether they were having a positive economic and social impact on their community*.


Shopping Experience

Shopping small provides a more personalised and improved customer experience. 42% of Australians say they would continue to support a small, family-run business, even if prices increased by 10% compared to cheaper competitors**. 94% small businesses personally thank their customers and 92% know the names of their regulars**.

Wouldn’t you prefer doing business with an organisation that takes the time to appreciate your business? 99% of small business owners say they always welcome their customers with a smile*, which is something larger businesses sometimes cannot achieve.


Stuck for gift ideas? Check out some of our wonderful small businesses!

  1. Bunjee's Books
  2. Find Fran
  3. Viet@Home
  4. Stay True Stay You
  5. SALTOfit
  6. Boutique Bakehouse By Rae


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Chloe Hall