Create a DIY ecommerce store for free!


An ecommerce store is an effective and far reaching avenue to sell business products or services online. 3.2 billion people use the internet daily, with 97% of internet users searching for local businesses online*. However, when first starting out on a bootstrap budget it’s often difficult to allocate a large budget to hire a designer or developer to achieve your desired site.

Even if you have no prior experience in design or building a website, creating your own ecommerce store can be easily accomplished!


Benefits of an ecommerce store

  • Diminish geographical and time zone barriers
  • Remain open 24/7
  • Lower costs than a physical store
    - Establishing an Ecommerce store doesn’t require a physical location
    - The automation of checkout can decrease the number of employees required to operate the business
    - Both advertising and marketing can be done online
  • Locate the products/services quickly
  • Easily compare products and services

  • Product and service information is easily accessible for the customer

With Honcho’s website builder simply fill in a one page form and follow the question prompts to be up and running in no time at all! Register a FREE domain name and start your business website on a 30 day FREE trial.


To begin creating your site, select “website” from your Honcho dashboard.

  1. Enter your business name
  2. Add your FREE domain or use Honcho’s domain name if preferred (
  3. Upload your business logo
  4. Select a banner/featured image to be shown at the top of the screen
  5. Add a headline/slogan to be positioned on your banner/featured image
  6. Add a one liner business description
  7. Provide a more detailed business description in the “about” section
  8. Enter in preferred contact details for the business including physical address and phone number (recommended but optional)
  9. Select trading hours
  10. Choose to either show or hide your ABN from the site
  11. Add links to business social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)


Once the basis of the site has been established you can set up your store in a just a few minutes! Our preset template allows the addition of 3 products or services.

  1. Enter the product name
  2. Add up to 3 images
  3. Enter the total price of the product (including or excluding GST)
  4. Add a description of up to 255 characters
  5. Enter product variations
  6. Provide shipping costs and shipping details. These will be sent to the customer via email post purchase. We recommend including details about shipping times and delivery
  7. Choose to accept credit card payments by enabling Honcho Pay
  8. Publish the product!

Repeat the process for each of your products. Once completed, your website will be ready to go! It’s that easy! And if needed, you can chop and change the details and products as you grow!


Here are a few quick tips to improving your cart conversion!

  • Clearly state the order details, return policy and delivery details
  • Provide business contact details
  • Clearly itemise total price and shipping costs - 36% of online shoppers will abandon the cart if shipping costs are too high**

Once you’ve outgrown the simple template, or need to add additional products or services, we can offer a more complex website solution starting from $699.




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Chloe Hall