Affordable and user-friendly invoicing subscription


Honcho, Australia’s leading online business builder, has launched the most affordable and easy to use invoicing subscription. Honcho Invoicing aims to help businesses process and manage all transactions digitally and professionally from the first day of trade.

 For just $9 a month, business owners can send unlimited quotes and invoices to an unlimited number of customers, receive payments and stay on top of cash flow! Every time a job is finished or a product is sold, the business owner enters product or service details into the professional template which auto-populates business bank account information.

If it’s a repeat job, a previous invoice can be duplicated in just a few clicks. If your ABN is registered for GST, the template will calculate tax automatically. If necessary, customers will receive reminders leading up to and after payment terms have passed.


Invoicing software has been shown to be 60-80% more efficient than paper invoicing*



Better still, by connecting Honcho Pay, an online payment system powered by Stripe, customers conduct a straightforward transaction directly into your business bank account. The invoice arrives directly in their email inbox without the need of a lengthy bank transfer.

In fact, 50% of invoices that enable Honcho Pay are paid on the same day, meaning Honcho clients receive payment from their customers 3x faster than old fashioned methods**. 

By releasing the new low-cost invoicing solution, Honcho wants to stop new business owners from sending DIY invoices made in Word. Instead providing a secure and professional tool that will help customers make money faster from the first day of business.


Send your first invoice for free!



  • Reduced costs

  • Reduced late payment fees

  • Increased accuracy

  • Improved cash management

  • Faster processing and payment cycles

  • Improved customer relationships




*Bushell-Embling, D. (2017). Digital Business Council consulting on eInvoicing project. [online] Available at:

**On average, 50% of Honcho customers get paid within one day when they use Honcho Invoicing with the Honcho Pay feature - which allows credit card payments - turned on. Rates of payment may vary depending on industry sector and individual clients. 

Chloe Hall