Honcho Pay: Make Money Faster!

Congratulations you’ve made your first sale! Now, how are you planning to be paid?

When starting a small business it’s essential you have the time and space to focus on the bigger picture. Honcho Pay allows your business to send invoices directly to your customers inbox in minutes so they can pay by card straight away online.


Honcho Pay Businesses will receive payment from customers 3x faster than traditional methods!


With Honcho Pay, customers can make payment at their own convenience, overcoming geographical and time zone limitations. Honcho Pay accepts all credit and debit card payments for a super low fee of 2.9%. + 30 cents per transaction.

Funds are transferred directly to your bank account with lower labour costs than manual payment methods such as money orders or Eftpos meaning access to hard earned money even quicker to re-invest back into your business!


Advantages of using Honcho Pay

  • Overcome geographical limitations

  • Search engine visibility

  • Lower costs than tangible store

  • Locate product quicker

  • Comparison shopping

  • Remain open 24/7

  • Create targeted communication/campaigns/strategies

Check out Honcho Pay to see for yourself! 



What costs do I incur using Honcho Pay? 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. There are no additional monthly or hidden fees

How does the payment process work?

  1. Payment  - take payment from your customer, through an invoice sent directly from Honcho

  2. Processing - Honcho Pay will process the payment

  3. Transfer - Honcho Pay then transfers directly into your nominated account minus the transaction fees

How long does payment take? We find that 50% of our customers get paid on the same day they send their invoice, with funds being deposited into their account within 48 hours.

How am I notified when the customer pays online through Honcho Pay? Once your customer pays, you will receive an email notification and an update within your dashboard notifying you of the amount and what the payment was for.

Is Honcho Pay safe? Yes, certified as a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Service Provider through Stripe. Level 1: the most stringent level of certification for a credit and debit card processor.

Can I accept payments over the phone with Honcho Pay? No, Honcho Pay is designed to take payments online with the simple click of a button. If you have secured a sale over the phone, simply email through the invoice and your customer can make payment right away!


How does my customer pay online with Honcho Pay? Your customer will be sent a unique link via email and taken to an invoice, where they can enter their credit or debit card details for payment. Once paid, the customer will receive a confirmation screen, the payment details will be recorded against the job and you’ll be notified of the payment in your dashboard.


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Honcho Team