Maria Gutierrez: SALTOfit


Maria always had a passion for women’s health and was in search of ways to remain active whilst working full time as a reproductive scientist and single mother.

Along with her sisters Dora and Claudia they created a physical exercise class for busy mums by mums. The class includes rebounding on a mini trampoline and condenses an hours workout into just 15 minutes!

Although SALTOfit was initially designed for mothers, their innovative and low impact technique has led to people from all walks of life joining the class. “Everyone can benefit,” the class has seen over 60s, boxers, weightlifters and MMA fighters participate.

The sisters wanted to create an experience where people could find refuge from their busy lives, whilst achieving their fitness goals through a fun class. “More than anything it raises your mood and everyone walks out of here on such a high.”


“Something like this doesn't feel like work, you come and leave smiling, everyone’s happy and it’s quite social!”

Maria attempted to use an existing business platform supplied by her gym, however it didn’t provide the flexibility her business needed. Maria started using Honcho during her freelance work as an embryologist and found it to be an ideal partnership for SALTOfit. “When I started SALTOfit Honcho was just the perfect platform”.

Honcho has given Maria the tools and freedom to focus on the bigger picture! "It's taken a big burden off!" Watch SALTOfit's amazing journey below!


We want anyone, anywhere to be able to do what they love everyday! Find out more about Honcho and start your free trial today!

Shaun Meltzer