Taryn Williams: The Right Fit

In an industry based around being the right size, image, cut and colour for the brand you’re working with, modelling can be a difficult game to crack into. Fresh faced and 15 years old, Taryn Williams discovered this, pairing a slender frame with a sleek blonde cut while gracing the glossy pages of fashion magazines across the country.

With a keen eye for style flourished and developed by an image obsessed industry, Williams saw the opportunity for growth in the business behind the camera, launching her own online modelling agency WINK Models in 2007. After a decade of success and noticing significant advances in the advertising game, Williams laid the foundations for her newest business venture, The Right Fit, in March last year. 

Her foray into a new breed of talent management has led the way to creating a new marketplace for creative talent to manage their business without the traditional need for an agent, connecting brands and clients through the click of a button.

Managing a whole range of different talent and combatting the demands of the 21st century entertainment industry with innovation, finesse and effortless style, Williams talks to us about her new business The Right Fit and how it fit right into a brave new world of media.

Progressing as quickly as the world around her, Williams adapted to contemporary forms of advertising, entertainment and mediums of production with a fierce velocity one could only liken to strutting down an elite runway. On recalling her decision to start The Right Fit she highlights;

“I think we were seeing so many industries being disrupted at the time. Almost all were changing so rapidly and we didn’t want to be in the incumbent so we decided to move forth and launch The Right Fit.”

Attention to detail and searching for niche opportunities for business growth were key precursors to launching The Right Fit in an effort to avoid being rendered obsolete. Williams comments, 

“We thought we could either wait for someone else to do it and fight against the change or be the one’s to lead the way.”
Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

With a diverse client base, The Right Fit caters to talent and brands across the board, from small startups to global ad agencies including Jacob’s Creek, MenuLog, Rebel Sport and General Pants. 

Developing a company ethos centred around power, or more so, the way it has shifted in the entertainment and advertising industry, Williams explains her company’s mission and the industry’s changing nature as a whole to us with an anecdote;

“I remember this story - Mercedes Benz used to request gorgeous, blonde, 19-year-old supermodel's to advertise their products, but soon discovered that their customers weren’t responding well. There’s a huge shift in the ad agency. People want something aspirational but attainable, something they can approach.”

Understanding the importance of putting the power back in the hands of the people it belongs to - the clients and the talent - The Right Fit removes the traditional, middleman role of the agent, who oftens makes the process more expensive, convoluted and inefficient.

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

“People can control their own careers and campaigns and have the power in their hands. They can access a whole new level of talent and career opportunities that an agent wouldn’t necessarily find and develop a genuine relationship with their partners.”

In addition, encouraging media diversity and a celebration of all ethnicities, body types and images formulate a key reason as to why the Right Fit started. Understanding the tendency of media entities to promote a singular ‘desirable’ image, Williams highlights,

“We saw our consumers are a lot more savvy than the campaigns targeting them and they are calling for a lot more diversity. People respond better to things that resonate with them, and often it’s not what we see on the screen or a magazine. We decided with the Right Fit that once we know our consumers and what they want, we tailor campaigns and talent to how they want to be spoken to.”

Enlightening us on The Right Fit’s reach, Williams divulges they have talent from as young as 16 to 87 years of age and have aimed to create a marketplace that is suitable for talent to safely ‘self-represent’.

“We see ad campaigns now especially where diversity is so important and brands are listening to their audience. It was a core reason of ours to start the Right Fit.”
Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

The Right Fit has grown rapidly, with over 250 applicants applying to work a day. Following a rigorous screening process, Williams says they decline over 60% of submissions from both ends of the marketplace to ensure the highest calibre of skills and experience is met.

With a highly coordinated social and digital presence, Williams acknowledges branding of The Right Fit follows a similar intricate process,

“We spend a lot of time working with our designers for our branding and visuals - we make sure the tone of voice, design, everything is cohesive visually and linguistically.” 

Having an established reputation in the industry, Williams has worked her way across the board in creative campaigns and talent management for fifteen years, gaining work experience across modelling, production, advertising, photoshoots and live experience shoots.

“I am so passionate about the industry, and I’ve loved work both sides for a long time now.”
Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

From the first booking to seeing the first billboard The Right Fit assisted in launching, Williams says the brief journey has opened a slew of opportunities for both her clients and herself to grow and develop. 

“We’ve gone from thinking, how did these clients find us? We’re known? Awesome! To now seeing how so many brands and individuals with a lot of talent would not have been able to bring their skills to life without a platform like ours, feels truly incredible.”

The Right Fit has is set on a global expansion next, with aims to provide services in LA, New York and Singapore. 

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